FAMU Town Hall Meeting

President Gainous can't give a sigh of relief just yet after returning home from a state university presidents meeting Monday afternoon. He is set to face some disgruntled students for a Town Hall meeting Monday evening. Then Tuesday, the findings of his long awaited presidential evaluation will be released.

These three FAMU freshmen spearheaded an effort to get a question and answer session with president Fred Gainous. Monday night's Town Hall meeting was granted after 700 students signed this petition.

Adrian Abner, FAMU freshman, says, “A lot of people give up and that's why their voices don't get heard...but this process took us 2 1/2 months, but we were persistent.”

Abner and other students say they have deep concerns from housing issues to athletics to financial problems.

Larry Rivers, FAMU SGA President, says, “It’s going to be a constructive dialogue where we'll trade constructive criticism and some tough love about the university.”

Rivers hopes another constructive dialogue will happen during Tuesday's Board of Trustees meeting when Gainous will finally receive his long overdue presidential evaluation.

Gainous has been on the job now for more than 20 months as faculty senate president and trustee. Mary Diallo says the evaluation will get everyone on the same page.

Mary Diallo says, “I believe it will open up more of the communication and give faculty a good idea of what the board expects of the president.

Monday’s Town Hall meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Lee Hall. FAMU's full Board of Trustees meeting starts Tuesday in the Grand Ball Room at 1 p.m.