Wish Granted: Part I

A weeklong all-expense paid trip to Disney World, it was a little boy's dream come true. Four-year-old Parker has been fighting for his life since he was old enough to talk and his parents are still pinching themselves that he's well enough to meet Mickey Mouse nose to nose.

Parker Fox has a lot to sing about. Wildly wielding paintbrushes, this four-year-old is playing side by side with other children for the first time in his life.

Kathy Fox, Parker's mother, says, "To see him in pre-school, what a victory in Jesus. We never this time last year would have imagined, ever, that he would be in a classroom environment with all those germs and kids."

Admitted to Tallahassee Memorial with pneumonia two years ago, he was on his way to Shands within hours and ultimately diagnosed with a deadly blood disorder.

Richard Fox, Parker's father, says, "It took them about three months to diagnose him with myelodisplasia, which is a genetic bone marrow disorder and the only cure was a transplant.”

His parents kept a scrapbook of those dark days. Nine rounds of chemotherapy, an international search for a donor and then waiting to see if a stem cell transplant would work.

After 18 months of home isolation, Parker is back on the playground at Hawk's Rise Elementary School. Thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation and Give Kids the World, Parker, his sister Olivia and his parents are on their way to Disney World, their first family vacation in more than two years.