Rural Hospital Welcomes New Physician

The rural community had hoped its small town flavor would be the just the medicine to attract new physicians, and a doctor listening to one of our newscasts answered the call.

Dr. Charlie Richardson has been treating patients in Madison County for one month. Madison hospital officials had been in search of a physician for more than a year.

Kathy Fields, Director of Nursing at Madison County Hospital, says, "It's really difficult to find a physician to come to a small rural area where there is such a great demand."

That demand was met thanks to our broadcast. Richardson was listening to WCTV on 87.7 FM when he heard the story and decided to give hospital officials a call.

Dr. Charlie Richardson, a new physician at Madison Memorial Hospital, says, "I was doing surgery up in Thomasville in Moultrie and the malpractice was so high I took a leave of absence and when I heard them seeking a physician and I was licensed both in Florida and Georgia I just called them and offered my services."

Hospital officials were thrilled. They say the area is truly in need of qualified physicians.

"When he just happened to listen to the radio and heard the news and came over and approached us about coming it was truly in his heart and a calling to come here and we're so blessed to have him," says Kathy Fields.

Now Richardson's name is etched on the marquee to let citizens know that there's a doctor in the house. Dr. Charlie Richardson is a Tallahassee native who has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years.