Leon County Commission Could Vote on City Utilities Audit

Back in February he formally asked for an audit to be preformed in the hopes of getting to the bottom of some of the questions involving high utilities

At Tuesday night's Leon County Commission meeting he's going to ask his fellow board members to take a vote to move forward on a public records request audit. Proctor says something strange is going on with the city utilities, but the city says no there isn't.

On February 25, more than 100 people joined Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor for a town rally against growing city utility bills. Commissioner Proctor says after that meeting he went before the City Commission to ask for an audit of the utilities paid for by the county. The city said no.

"It's an opportunity to review our management practices and look into the long and short term solutions to lower our bills," says Proctor.

Commissioner Debbie Lightsey says, "I haven't seen the agenda item, but I hope wiser heads will prevail on the Leon County Commission."

At the next County Commission meeting there will be an agenda item asking the board to move forward with a public records request.

"At some point the tax payers are going to be upset with wasting their money on what I call a political agenda," adds Lightsey.

"I anticipate there will be resistance, some friction. In order for progress to occur there will be discomforting. I'm sure the city will get used to it if we adopt this measure," says Proctor.

If approved, Commissioner Proctor says there'll be a public records request and then an audit will be done from there.

Commissioner Lightsey says the records are already public.

The agenda item will be voted on Tuesday night at the Leon County Commission meeting.