FAMU Students Petition for Town Hall Meeting

At least 100 students filled the lee hall auditorium, but more importantly, it was the questions they were armed with.

One by one concerns ranging from financial aid, athletics, to housing were asked face to face with FAMU president Fred Gainous and other campus leaders. Davie Madison, FAMU Student, said, “this is how you learn what is and what isn't and how things really work, if they're here and ask the questions, then they'll find out how it really goes, but if you don't come, you'll never."

Andrew Ward, FAMU Student, said, “I feel like the students are doing what you should be doing, asking questions and if you don't know, and hopefully some things will get taken care of by the president."

If they didn't have an answer to the student's questions FAMU’s leaders offered to check in on concerns raised like an unpaved parking lot causing problems for some students.