Democratic Complaints

Florida lawmakers went back to work in Tallahassee after taking a one week break for the Easter and Passover holidays, but that vacation may turn out to be a monkey wrench for the last three weeks of the session.

The Florida Constitution says the legislature can not take off for more than 72 hours straight during a session without passing the proper resolution...

Lawmakers failed to do that before they went home for the holidays.

Democratic leaders in the house and senate say that procedural violation could undo every bill they pass in the final three weeks of the session.

Rep. Doug Wiles, a Democrat from Saint Augustine says, "Every bill that we pass from this point forward may have a legal challenge and if we don't adequately address this situation we may be turning over the ultimate resolution of many of these bills to a Supreme Court in a court system that many on the Republican side have criticized."

Sen. Ron Klein a Democrat from Boca Raton agreed saying, "That may leave it open to someone who doesn't like a particular law that passed, challenging not only that law but in effect all the laws that pass for the rest of the session, including the budget."

Despite the procedural problems, republican leaders insist they did not violate the Constitution and there's no legal problem with the bills that will be passed over the next three weeks.