Why So High?

It was another frustrating meeting for Florida’s Attorney General Charlie Crist trying to resolve the problem of skyrocketing fuel prices. Representatives from Exxon-Mobile were in town to answer more questions.

While gas execs aren’t providing any solutions, some legislative proposals are moving forward at the capitol.

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist has now met with six of the world’s top oil producers, but his talks with Exxon-Mobile didn’t give him any new insight into why gas prices keep rising. Bottom line: it’s all about the bottom line.

“They said, yeah we want to do as much as we can to make as much as we can. I mean, this is a company that made about $20 billion last year.”

Exxon-Mobile says many of the global factors driving oil prices are beyond their control. We asked them what they can do to bring relief to consumers now. Answer: nothing
“I don’t think this is a problem that can be solved by short-term activities. It’s driven by worldwide markets for crude and also worldwide markets for gasoline.”

With gas companies not offering any relief, legislators are taking matters into their own hands.

Rep. Bob Henriquez says his bill to roll back state gas taxes is making progress.
“Stay tuned. If we keep seeing this type of progress, hopefully we’ll be cutting as taxes over the summer for Florida residents.”

Gov. Jeb Bush says he’s willing to look at the tax break, and Charlie Crist’s proposal to repeal a law that limits discount gas retailers like Wal-Mart is picking up steam in the Senate. One thing you won’t see are proposed Senate hearings on the gas crisis. The Senate president now says he’d just as soon leave that to the feds.

Attorney General Charlie Crist is using his office’s website to help gas customers find the best prices around Florida.

Visit www.myfloridalegal.com and click on “gas price information” on the right.