What's Next?

In a matter of weeks, thousands of students will say goodbye to college and hello to the workforce, but for some, the sluggish job market is raising concerns.

Many are nervous with graduation only one month away. The clock is ticking and finding a job is a must, not just to jumpstart their careers, but also to pay off those student loans!

It's orientation time on FSU' s campus. Soon-to-be freshmen are touring the grounds, while soon-to-be graduates are pounding the pavement looking for that ultimate job to launch their career. Unfortunately, competition is high and the employment rate is low.

Conley began his tedious search at job fairs his junior year. Now, one year later, he still can't find the perfect fit, but career counselors say time is of the essence when it comes to job hunts.

Dr. Jeff Garis, Director FSU Career Center, says, “Many students will graduate without employment opportunities, however wait six-months, we find graduates do find employment.”

But that waiting game fuels anxiety and fear with these seniors, many of which believed the old saying, “get your education and you'll make it to the top.”

Scott Gribbons, an FSU senior, says, “My parents said get a degree then get out and you'll make 50K a year. Doesn't look like that's going to happen.”

Some statistics show the National Association of Colleges and Employers says the class of 2004 appears to be in better standing then their 2003 counterparts.

A recent study shows starting salary offers are up this year, the highest going to computer science and engineering jobs. The Career Center on their college campus is the first stop and there is a statewide job fair in Orlando on May 13 at UCF.