Panacea Mosaic

If you're planning on traveling to the coast this weekend don't be surprised if your eyes fixate on a colorful masterpiece. We're not talking about the serene coastline this time, rather a beautiful distraction targeting visitors and speeders alike.

It takes a little imagination and a lot of hands to build a great wall. It’s the perfect project for the Wakulla teenage artists who are giving Panacea a facelift, creating a colorful mosaic that captures the beauty of this quiet coastal town.

The 40-foot mosaic greets motorists as they enter Panacea along coastal Highway 98, a community-wide beautification project to attract visitors while slowing down speeders.

MAJ Maurice Langston of the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, “This is a 35 mph zone, what will happen people will slow down immediately.”

A concept that's already proved successful.

Anxious motorists want to stop and take in the scenery, one that has taken months of work, thousands of square feet of tile and gracious donations from the community.

The only question now is can they finish before school’s out?

The great wall project was spearheaded by Keep Wakulla County Beautiful and the Panacea Waterfront Committee. The goal is to tile the entire 200-foot wall over the next few years.