Paving Dirt Roads in Thomasville

Recent rains have left residents of Thomasville's dirt roads stuck in the mud, but city managers say their woes won't go on much longer.

Reverend Ellis Fann greets members of the Family and Friends Gospel Church before every service, but says the section of Blackshear Street the building sits on is anything but welcoming.

"The mud hole blocks up the mud and just as you pass the church it's a difficult area to pass," says Rev. Fann.

Cedrick Williams, who lives and works on the dirt road, adds, "Yeah, I'm continuously getting bogged on this road here and on Metcalf Avenue, and there's so many roads around town that I work on that I have so many stories to tell about, but there's just not enough time in the day to do that."

City officials say they hope to put an end to these residents' troubles this summer when nine dirt roads in the city of Thomasville are paved.

City managers estimate the project will cost around $600,000. They say 50 percent of that will be paid for with SPLOST funds, 45 percent will be taken care of by the DOT and the remaining five percent will be paid for by property owners' taxes, which the property owners say is just fine.

"It's more than just a quality of life issue, if you want police protection, fire protection, ambulance service, you don't want to be stuck out on a muddy street," says Steve Sykes, Assistant City Manager.

The streets that are on the plan to be paved are Persimmon, Henderson, Holland, Blackshear, Juliette, Cross and Tower Streets and two sections of normal lane.