New Leon County Jail Report Released

Elizabeth Statzer can keep tabs on dozens of inmates with the click of a mouse, inmates who wear satellite tracking devices rather than sit in jail and wait for trial.

"This really gives them an opportunity to be out and be working and maintain their lives and still ensure the community's safety and the victims’ safety," Elizabeth says.

A new report shows the Leon County Jail is routinely at capacity, and housing all those inmates costs about $48,000 a day.

The Public Safety Coordinating Council is urging county commissioners to spend more money on satellite tracking, drug court and the sheriff's work camp in order to free up beds at the jail.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "We're going to have to expand the jail, I don't think there's a question about that as the county continues to grow and people continue to get arrested."

Wanda Hunter is in charge of monitoring the more than 400 inmates who are currently free on pre-trial release in Leon County. The report says expanding programs like satellite tracking could save Leon County $300,000 a month and buy it some time before it has to expand the jail.

The council's report is still in draft form. It'll be fine-tuned and presented to Leon County commissioners for consideration in two weeks.