Leon County Asked to Reconsider Audit of Tallahassee Utilities

We're talking about the problem with rising city utilities bills. Tuesday afternoon, mayor john marks sent a letter to the county, asking it to reconsider a county agenda item dealing with a request for public records related to city utilities.

The city says a public records audit is a waste of taxpayer's money, the county says it's necessary.

“It's a cover letter to let them know we would provide them with the last 10 years of audits. They're done every year, and that's the law, and we've done them,” explains Mayor John Marks.

"What's really surprising to me, is the defensiveness. To receive a letter asking us not to consider a matter is extraordinary,” comments Bill Proctor of the Leon County Commission.

The county voted to ask the city to help create a special board made up of two members from the county and the city.

The board’s goal will be to work out any problems.

If the city says no, then the request for a public records will be re-visited.