Parking Issues in Downtown Thomasville

The City Council just approved the construction of a new parking lot downtown.

Those who frequent downtown Thomasville like Lawton Smith, say riding around searching for parking drives them crazy.

"Yes, they do have a lot of parking spots. But you have probably three to a business and I'd say about five or 10 people in that business at a time so, there is a parking problem,” Smith explains.

Thomasville's assistant city manager says parking downtown is actually not a critical problem right now, but as more businesses come in, it will be.

For that reason, a new 65-space parking lot, between the Post Office and First Baptist Church was approved by the City Council.

There's only a limited amount of parking downtown on North Broad Street, and City officials say in order for these small businesses to be successful their customers need an adequate amount of parking spaces.

"A lot of business people here who work in these buildings will park on the street and their cars will be there all day. So it makes it tough for people who come to drop off a payment or do a business transaction of some sort to have a place to park,” says downtown business owner Sloan Howard.

"I'm makes me feel good that something's going on, because if not you have the same old problem with more people coming and more people taking your spot,” Smith adds.

Construction on the new $95,000 parking lot will begin once grant money is secured from the state for the project.