Local Effect of Governor's Transportation Plan

Under Gov. Perdue's proposed new transportation plan, more than $15 billion could be raised to better transportation and reduce congestion in metro and rural areas.

Folks in Thomasville say frequent congestion here is driving them crazy.

Jeremy Kelley, a Thomasville resident, says, "I really don't feel like dealing with it. Usually at the end of my workday or on my lunch break, when I want to do what I want to do and it gets a little frustrating at times."

Wednesday Gov. Perdue unveiled a new plan called "fast-forward" that would raise more than $15 billion for road and transportation improvements aimed at reducing traffic congestion throughout the state.

Thomas County commissioners say the majority of the money will go towards metro Atlanta with a small portion of it going into a pool for our area. Motorists here say every little bit helps, but some folks say with the state's 2005 budget undecided, we can't afford to spend so much on transportation.

Patrice Bullock, a Thomasville resident, says, "There are a lot of priorities and there's a really tight budget this year I know in the state, so I'm not sure where the priorities should be. I'm not sure if roads is where they ought to be."

But state officials say this is more than just a beautification project. It's an issue of safety that must be addressed.

Gov. Perdue says he'll fund "fast-forward" with $11 billion from the DOT’s budget, a loan of $3 billion with future federal road payments as leverage and $1.5 billion from general bonds.