FAMU/TCC Partnership

We recently told you about FSU's effort to recruit Tallahassee Community College students, but soon FSU may get some competition from FAMU as the HBCU plans to drop some lines into the TCC pool of applicants.

FAMU trustee Randy Hannah says historically Florida A&M University has been more focused on the recruitment of freshman and not the one million community college students in the state of Florida.

“We needed to change our system to make it easier for students to transfer to the university,” Hannah says.

FAMU leaders are planning to do just that by offering classes for TCC students at FAMU, as well as on the community college campus.

Reports show between 70-80 percent of TCC students transfer to Florida State University.

Sharon Jefferson of TCC Student Affairs says, “We've never really had a program that says, what if I want to major in agriculture or pharmacy?”

Jefferson says TCC's student body is about 29 percent minority with many of those students showing interest in FAMU.

This arrangement between TCC and FAMU is still subject to approval by the university.