Leon County Students Filming Video to Discourage School Violence

Their weapons of choice are a video camera and a microphone. Guided by school resource officers, the students are shooting a video dealing with weapons and school violence.

Thespians are bringing into focus a serious situation surrounding students, schools and safety.

"Kids should have the right to be safe in school where they have to learn an important issue brought up, because a lot of kids don't feel safe and we should that is what we deserve," says Heather Minor, a Leon County student.

Student actors from across Leon County star in a public service announcement. Deputies hope using real kids and real schools will serve as a true testament to the topic.

"Because it is in their own words and they are seeing somebody else doing it try to help avoid trouble, head it off first," says Jon Etheridge, Leon County School Resource Officer.

Scene after scene the kids capture the essence of real life whether it involves bringing a knife to school or a gun. School resource officers hope the picture will help them get a handle on the situation.

The performers hope it will help that one kid that's afraid to come forward. The scripts the kids acted were written by Leon County school resource officers. An eight-minute video and a public service announcement will be cut from the video and shown at schools in Leon County and hopefully across Florida before the school year ends.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office was awarded a $14,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance to film the video.