Fighting Drinking and Driving

Police want you to remember if you drink and drive, or you're an underage drinker, they are going to catch you and send you straight to jail, no questions asked.

Police say this is the time of year when there's an increase in drunk driving and underage drinking.

Law enforcement officers say there is strength in numbers when it comes to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking.

"That's why we have cooperative efforts because no one agency can make the constant impact against any one particular phase of traffic enforcement,” Lt. Tommy Moore of the Florida Highway Patrol.

This weekend, troopers, deputies, and officers say they will be out in full force to stop anyone who thinks they can get away with breaking the law.

"Unfortunately there are people who don't heed the warning to not get in their vehicles after a couple of drinks. We plan to teach it to them,” adds Moore.

This time of year, all agencies say there's an increase in drunk driving and underage drinkers.

"Because it's the end of the year and students are getting ready to go home and are partying. It's also prom season and the high school students, so we have underage drinking,” explains Lt. Mitch Miller of the Tallahassee Police Department.

"We will work with local agencies at prom and graduation activities to saturate the areas where there may be underage drinking to make arrests or to prevent it,” Director of Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Jack Tuter.

Law enforcement says since the start of the dui saturations there's been a decline in the number of alcohol related crashes and that's the biggest reason to continue these crack downs.

Tallahassee police say that last year there were 10 fatal crashes locally, seven of them alcohol related.