Career Fair

With graduation just around the corner, wondering what path to take after high school can prove to be a tough task.

Luckily for some area students, their school invited a plethora of professionals to help make the transition a smooth one.

"Hi, my name is Errika Pascal."
"Nice to meet you Errika."
"You know my Dad wants me to do real estate."

Errika Pascal is a senior at Rickards High School.

She is one month away from graduating, but, before marking that milestone, she's making sure she knows what career path to take, by talking dollars and cents.

"Between you and me, how much money do you all make?"

She's also setting straight a few urban legends.

"Fact or myth? Do lawyers really investigate like you see on television?" "Not really."

Booth after booth Errika drills the career consultants, pinning down the pro's and con's of each profession.

"Do you really rescue cats from trees? " Do you provide training?"

While exploring what she wants to do with life after high school, she discovers education can light the way.

For her that journey begins at Tallahassee Community College.

"What credits do I take to transfer to another school?"

Errika says the career fair helped ease transition from high school student to college co-ed.

This was the second career fair held at Rickards High School.

There were more than a dozen presenters from area companies on hand.