Seniors in the Park

It's enjoyable for anyone of any age! Thomasville's second annual "Seniors in the Park" event was held Friday.

The sunshine, a nice breeze and plenty of good friends made for hours of fun Friday for 125 seniors from three area nursing homes. "Seniors in the Park" is quickly becoming a spring mainstay for Thomasville assisted care residents and their families as well as local and state dignitaries.

"Those facilities, even though they have outdoor areas, it's not like it is here. They get to leave that setting and it just gives them a little pep that they don't normally have," says Sen. John Bulloch, (R) Ochlocknee, GA.

Jeanny Holley, event organizer, adds, "It is a great chance to get out and socialize and mingle with other residents with the same types of disabilities that you've got, so you see you are not the only person with a disability."

Organizers say timing is everything when it comes to holding "Seniors in the Park" in the Thomasville Rose Garden. The flowers are in bloom, but they avoid the crowds of next weekend's Rose Festival.

"It's just good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! See the flowers, the roses, it just means so much," says senior Lessie Hatcher.

Their day in the park may only be one day in April, but these seniors say the revival they get from the event lasts all year. The event was sponsored by the Hospitality Care Center. Food was provided by the Disabled Veterans Association and transportation was provided by Thomas County Transit.