Wakulla County: Still Growing

Wakulla County is once again topping the charts in growth. In fact, its population surge has made national ranks.

The U.S. Census Bureau ranks Wakulla County as the 60th fastest growing county in the nation and the fifth fastest growing county in Florida. When you look at why folks are venturing south of the Leon County line, it's all about learning the alphabet.

Gabriel Nicholson and her four siblings call Wakulla County home. Their mother moved them out of the city and into Crawfordville just four years ago when its small town flare was very visible.

Monday the streetlights are up, construction is in full bloom and more and more families are moving in. The reason lies with these beautiful faces. In fact, that school system is the largest employer in Wakulla County.

Superintendent David Miller credits strong faculty and a solid school board for the district's success.

“Our schools are small and we've always done well in test scores in this county,” says Miller.

The latest third grade FCAT results ranked Wakulla second in math and third in reading throughout the state of Florida, but it's that success which draws new families to town, boosting the county's population onto national charts.

Superintendent Miller says he's proud of his students and their accomplishments, but he says competition is getting tougher, especially with Leon County.

According to the results from superintendent Miller, Leon County finished eighth in math and ninth in reading among its third graders.