A Day on the Farm

It’s hard to believe, but many children in our area have never been on a farm, but Monday more than 1,300 Leon County third graders got to take part in "Farm Friends Day."

In our Feature at Five we head to the Millstone Plantation, a working farm in Tallahassee since the 1800s. The Millstone Plantation and its animals are serving as an outdoor classroom for local third graders.

Jack Conrad, whose parents owned Millstone Plantation, says, “My mom wanted to preserve it for educational purposes and save a piece of what we're losing slowly in Tallahassee.”

Kids encountered talks on Florida's agricultural production to sheep shearing and herding, and although this was a day of firsts for many children, they're not sheepish about it!

Event coordinators from the Leon County Farm Bureau say overall they hope kids will get a better understanding of how products get to store shelves.