City, County Refurbishes Animal Shelter

Promises to better serve residents and animals are paying off in Perry.

The consolidation of the city of Perry and Taylor County Animal Service Departments result in the grand reopening of the animal shelter.

County officials, who head the new department, say better services are offered such as six new kennels, extended hours, and two full-time street officers.

Jeff Fogg, a Perry resident and shelter volunteer, said, "They put a lot of effort into it, the county and the city all combined together. They had them all spread out at first but they got them here. They put in an office and they've really gotten on top of it. They're really doing all they can to house the animals."

Animal Control says the number of pet adoptions has tripled. They attribute it to the refurbished shelter, which they say is now more accessible being located at 302 Maurice Lindin Road.