Local School Officials Respond to FCAT Scores

Dr. Pam Hightower, principal of Wesson Elementary, shares with some of her staff preliminary FCAT scores. Having just been named Minority Educator of the Year for Leon County. She says her school going up some 53-percentage points in math is an honor in itself.

"We had math mania on Thursday along with some tutoring during school time. We hired an extra aid that came to work with us on math so the key is focusing on the things we didn't do well on last year," says Principal Hightower.

"It was no limit, hands on, learning through dance, movement, math all of that, so I was very pleased with my kids," says Wesson third grade teacher, Stephanie Mullings.

Other schools on Tallahassee's southside showing significant increase include Pineview Elementary, up 21 points in reading, and Caroline Brevard Elementary, up 15 percent in math. Now, some schools, which saw decreases, were Ruediger, Riley, Fort Braden and Chaires Elementary Schools.

Leon County school superintendent Bill Montford says when looking at these schools, you have to look at their numbers within a two to three year span.

"One of those schools that went down some what this year, went up last year, so if you look at it on a two to three year period they're still progressing. It's just that some of them had a little dip," says Montford.

Montford says compared with other Florida districts the same size as Leon County or larger, Leon County actually ranks third in reading and second in math in the state.