North Florida Fairgrounds in Line for Makeover

Citizens who live near the fairgrounds say they want to see something more "upscale." The Leon County Commission has hired a consulting firm to look into the potential redevelopment of the North Florida Fairgrounds.

Wayne Tedder of the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department says, "The consultant is charged with going out and looking at redeveloping the Fairgrounds. Then they will give the Leon County Commission a report on what they find and the Commission will make a decision on which direction to take."

“It's really closely located to downtown. The property will continue to become more and more valuable as the community continues to develop," explains Anthony Mondae of Strategic Planning Group, Inc.

The consultants say the Fairgrounds could be used for retail or businesses or become a light industrial park. They say because the land is already level, it's ready to go for just about anything.

People living near the Fairgrounds say they are going to be involved in the decisions.

Elizabeth Robertson, a southside resident, says, "We want something that's going to fit into the community that's going to be upscale. We want that kind of environment. Southside is one of the best areas to live in here in Tallahassee."

If the Fairgrounds were to move, here are some other potential sites for the another one. Thomasville Road, March Road, three different sites on Capital Circle, North Monroe and possibly the landfill.

The county says this all very preliminary and anything could happen. The Leon County Capital Stadium and a few portions of the North Florida Fairgrounds will remain right where they are.

The consultant report is due sometime in the fall to the Leon County Commission.