New Company in Charge of "Plaza Tower" Condos

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TALLAHASSEE - The construction of some high-rise condos in Tallahassee is getting a change in command, and that means a change in when they'll be done.

Tallahassee based company Culpepper Construction is taking over the job. They're now in charge of finishing the multi-million dollar "Plaza Tower" condominiums at Kleman Plaza.

A Jacksonville-based company started the project last year but turned it over to Culpepper this week.

"The residential units being built and the restaurants and making Tallahassee into that 18 to 24 hour downtown community is something that's really good for the residents of this community," said Jennings Knox, president of Culpepper.

Switching construction companies may push the project back a few months. They were supposed to be done next year, but now it may take another year and a half.

More then half the 200 condos are already pre-sold. So far two restaurants are going in the complex and they want to get as many permanent residents in as they can.