Not just the sun was taking the time to shine Tuesday, so were Florida A&M University and Florida State University.

In this Feature at Five, we take you to the state Capitol for “FAMU and FSU Day.” In the Capitol courtyard, Florida State University took center stage with the Chiefly Brass Pep Band.

As part of FSU day, 30 displays also lined the rotunda of the Capitol showcasing the university's programs. FSU representatives say they hope lawmakers come through with dollars for the growing number of college students.

Kathleen Daly with FSU Governmental Relations, says, “Last year the Legislature did not provide money for enrollment growth, but it looks as though they're going to and we're very pleased about that.”

Meanwhile, with a perfect view of their university FAMU leaders invited legislators to the Capitol's 22nd floor for FAMU day.

“That's the legislative process, you lobby, show and provide data to support your position,” says Dr. Fred Gainous.

Rattlers were grateful to hear from legislators who say they've made FAMU a priority. President Gainous says one of the university's top wishes is to get money allocated for renovations to the 116-year-old campus.