Vandals Strike at Elementary School in Thomasville

Garrison-Pilcher's nature trail was on the path to getting a complete facelift in preparation for the school's earth week.

"The Eagle Scouts had worked several weekends rebuilding the bridges, cleaning up the trail, mowing and lining. It was looking really good,” says Jane Storm, science teacher at Garrison-Pilcher.

Now there are only remnants of their hard work after vandals ruined the trail last week.

"They pulled the signs down, they pulled the posts up they destroyed some of the bird feeders and pulled some of the houses down," adds Jane Storm.

Three Central Middle School students who may have thought this was a joke confessed to investigators. They're now charged with criminal damage to government property and face possible confinement.

The students accused of vandalizing the property on Garrison-Pilcher are also being questioned about graffiti incidents that happened on the campus last week. Sheriff's deputies say the two crimes may indeed be related.

Steven Jones, School Resource Coordinator, says, "The graffiti case as I mentioned also is treated as damage to government property and we treat that just as seriously as we did to the damage to the nature trail."

Storm still can't understand why the students would do this and she hopes for restitution.

"We hope the Boy Scouts in conjunction with the students that did this come back and refurbish the trail and help us get it back to what it was before," says Storm.

Sheriff's say the juveniles will more than likely get a probated sentence, and either monetarily or through community service work, they will pay for the damages.