Free on Bond

Former FSU star and current pro football player Corey Fuller is free on bond after his arrest in Tallahassee Tuesday night. Fuller was arrested and accused of running a gambling house with high stakes card games and pots of up to $100,000.

"The way they came out, I don't want to be facetious or funny, but you would have thought Bin Laden was in my house," says Corey Fuller.

Corey Fuller was on his way to see his lawyer Wednesday morning, saying accusations that he's running a gambling ring at his home are ridiculous.

"I'm allowed to have as much money as I want on me, legally by the government, I pay my taxes, the government has never crossed me on my taxes, so I legally do everything right," says Fuller.

Sheriff's deputies, police officers and FDLE agents raided Fuller's Victoria Street Home Tuesday night, arresting him and six of his friends.

An undercover officer joined the card games recently and within an hour contends $5,000 to $7,000 changed hands. That's much more than the $10 per hand limit allowed by Florida law.

Linda Butler, LCSO Spokeswoman, says, "If you're doing something illegal in your home, it's still against the law. If you're selling drugs at your home, you're still selling drugs. If you're gambling out of your home, you're still gambling."

This is the second time this year police have swarmed Fuller's house. The pro ball player faced a hail of gunfire in an apparent robbery attempt in January.

A Sheriff's Department spokeswoman says deputies were already investigating the gambling claims when that happened, but cards on the table that night further heightened their suspicions.

Corey Fuller grew up on Tallahassee's southside before leaving to play pro ball. Now he says he may leave town for good.