St. George's Pier Removal

If you were anywhere near St. George island Wednesday you probably heard a big “kaboom.” That's because construction crews are demolishing the old St. George Island bridge.

The explosion rocked the island, but the visuals couldn't be seen from a far. Crews say that's because the most dramatic sight was underwater where a days worth of dynamite blew up. That's how most onlookers described Wednesday's demolition of the old St. George Island bridge.

For some locals, it was a bittersweet ending for the old bridge, which had served the community since the 1960s, but memories don’t have to fade away. The old bridge may look like rubble, but the ends will be preserved for a favorite pastime.

“3,300 feet on each side will become a pie portions removed will go out to sea and used as artificial reef,” says Scott Gros, the bridge project manager.

This will satisfy the recreational fishermen on land and on the water. As for the newest replacement, traffic is flowing, a great sight for local law enforcement.

This is the first of two explosions scheduled for the old bridge. The other one will take place one month from now.

Crews say these four piers are too deep to move out mechanically, unlike the rest of the bridge that's been loaded onto barges and taken away, but with experienced crews and a lot of dynamite, anything can be destroyed.