Shooting in Gadsden County

Three days after Gadsden County deputies were called to a quadruple murder another shooting occurred within Quincy city limits. Quincy police officials say a man shot two people inside his home and then fled the scene.

Quincy police officers say Jacob Fredrick was released from prison on February 29 of this year. His family says after spending nearly six years behind bars, Frederick came back a different person.

Around 11:45 Wednesday night, Tanya Gaymon had attempted to go bed, but only to be awakened by gunshots fired inside her home at 911 Seventh Street. Gaymon says the gunman was none other than her son Jacob Frederick.

"He just went shooting my nephew who was sitting in the rocking chair. I didn't know that he had shot my other roommate. He had shot him. He says, ‘Where your keys at?’ I said right here. He said get them then and hurry up and get them cause I'm going to kill you too. I said Jacob what's wrong with you? He just went off," says Tanya Gaymon, Jacob Frederick's mother.

Gaymon, fearing for her life, gave her son the keys then ran to her neighbor’s home for help. Frederick fled the scene before officers could arrive and an all points bulletin was issued.

A Gadsden County deputy who heard the bulletin spotted Frederick's car at the convenient store and attempted to stop him by shooting the tires.

"Approximately 30 minutes later he was apprehended at Gadsden County Nugget Store by Gadsden County deputies. After being confronted by deputies the suspect turned the gun on himself," says CAPT James Hughs of the Quincy Police Department.

Frederick's mother says she believes her son had some kind of mental problem because he told her he felt like killing someone.