Busy Bees for the Rose Festival

Everyone stopping to admire the roses on display at Thomasville’s 83rd Annual Rose Show may not have any idea how much work went into getting them there in the first place!!

It took both long hours, and weeks of preparation!

Between 30 and 40 exhibitors competed for the title of Queen Rose. Around a thousand roses were entered in this year's show.

Now exhibitors get to kick back, enjoy the parade, and relax after the last few hectic weeks!

Friday morning in the Rose Show preparation tent, there's no time to stop and smell the flowers.

"We're working on cleaning the foliage and getting the petals arranged and trying to make the bloom as perfect as possible for these judges!” says Winter Park exhibitor Eric Yount.

The Best in Show, the title of Queen Rose is what they all covet, but it takes long hours of hard work to win.

Most of the folks look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but don't let that fool you! Many of them have been here since the wee hours of Friday morning, all in the hopes of bringing home the Queen.

"Been up since about 4:30, tired … lots of coffee!!! Haven't eaten breakfast yet but I'm looking forward to that!" says Rick Thomas, President of the Thomasville Rose Society.

The hours before judging may be hectic, but exhibitors say showing off the prizes of their garden is worth it.

"I just feel like I'm going to win, I hope this thing opens up just a little bit more …” adds nine-year-old exhibitor Zachary Maxheimer.

And even if they don't take home the Queen, these enthusiasts say a rose by any other name, smells as sweet.