Special Olympics Torch Run

A group of gymnastic all-stars will soon be headed to a state competition, but they lack the money to get there. That's where Taylor County law enforcement comes to the rescue, hoping to raise money and raise awareness for this special group of kids.

“I do rings, back flips, and stuff.”

“I do bars, floor, vault.”

So they're confident, and carefree, both tricks of the trade because these athletes are no strangers to life's obstacles. Some are autistic, or mentally challenged, but as you can see, it won't get them down.

“They all work hard, never fuss. We're looking forward to taking them to state competition.”

But this team of 12 may not get to state if they don't raise more money. That's where local officers step to the plate.

“These kids really need our help and law enforcement bands together for kids like this.”

In fact, six agencies pounded the pavement of downtown Perry Friday in honor of this team. With the torch in hand they're bound and determined to send the team to state.

With candy and gold medals on the mind, this group will soon be Tampa-bound, ready for the state competition.

That state competition is May 7 and 8 in Tampa, Florida. And officers raised enough money at today's BBQ lunch and dinner to help send the team next month.