Gambling Raid at Car Wash

Passers-by watched as several men were questioned and items were seized.

Friday afternoon, deputies with the Leon County Sheriff's Vice Unit, descended on the New Look Car Wash on Lake Bradford Road.

The items seized were a couple of folding chairs, a small table and other unspecified items.

“This was one of the areas that some of the cards games were taking place. We came here to collect evidence of gambling and at this time, we've been able to collect a lot of that evidence,” comments Lt. Linda Butler, spokeswoman for Leon County Sheriff’s office.

During the raid, several men were detained, but later released. All cars on the lot were searched.

And some who watched the raid in progress, became upset when a drug sniffing dog was brought in.

"I play golf, and if you want to talk about gambling, go to the golf course, people bet on the whole and everything else,” explains Corey Fuller’s Godfather, Richard Harris.

Harris says he does understand the law, as it relates to gambling, but feels his Godson Fuller, has become the victim of his own success as a pro-football star.

"And I'm not advocating breaking the law, what I'm saying is, selective enforcement, it's just why Corey Fuller, they wouldn't break in Brad Johnson's door,” adds Harris.

Fuller, who plays with the Baltimore Ravens, posted bond earlier this week after being arrested and accused of running a gambling house, with pots up to $100,000.