Old Time Tradition Hits Shell Point Beach

It's one of the oldest events on the Gulf Coast, but is it dying down in popularity? We're talking about the 31st Annual Stephen C. Smith Regatta at Shell Point Beach.

For 15-year-old Wilson Richardson, sailing is as much a part of his heritage as his curly blonde hair and his family name. He says he got his love of the wind and sun, along with the 25-year-old Hobie cat from his grandfather.

"He had it in his garage down at Carrabelle forever and I was curious around the age of seven. We got out the sail boat and I had a blast," Wilson says.

He tells us this weekend he had one of just three Hobie cats to race in the Stephen C. Smith Regatta. The regatta is famous for its regulars like Andy Reich who's been dong this for 10 years, but some people are saying it's starting to die down in popularity.

This year organizers realized the need to open up to new sports. They invited something called kite surfing, which seems to pull a young crowd of newcomers to Shell Point, and they're encouraging teens like Richardson to continue in his family craft.

Proceeds raised from the regatta and the auction go to the American Cancer Society.