Election Preparations in Gadsden County

Elections are being held in several municipalities in Gadsden County Tuesday, but the most watched race is that of District Two in the city of Quincy.

Carolyn Ford has known Sherri Taylor for years. In fact, Ford says she gave Taylor free space in her Community Center to open a children's center, despite that Taylor is vying for Ford’s seat in District Two.

For six years Carolyn Ford has held the position of city commissioner in District Two. Ford is now getting some competition from a close colleague, Sherri Taylor.

Carolyn Ford, Quincy City Commissioner, says, "It’s not about us, it’s really about the citizens here in Quincy. I feel I have more to offer the citizens here we have made major progress and I want to make sure we continue that program.”

That progress may soon be halted if her colleague is placed in office. Sherri Taylor says, "She's made for the job."

"Miss Ford and I are still friends. The campaign has not caused any differences as far as I'm concerned. The thing is my attitude of getting things done is probably different from Miss Ford," says Sherri Taylor.

Throughout the district, Ford, as well as Taylor's signs, are positioned right next to each other, giving folks an indication of how close this race may be.

"I must admit she has done some things for the community, but I told her maybe it’s time she passed the torch and let someone else carry it from here."

In addition to Ford and Taylor, Roderick young is also vying for the seat in District Two. We were unable to reach Roderick Young for a comment on the race.

Seat One and Seat Three are up for grabs in the city of Gretna. In the town of Havana folks will be casting their votes for group seven and in the city of Midway will be voting "yes or no" on a charter referendum.