Immunization Week

Before vaccinations were available, more than one million Americans became infected with fatal or physically debilitating diseases. Now, thanks to immunization shots, those numbers have taken a severe drop.

Leon County Commissioner Cliff Thaell is a member of the last generation of Americans diagnosed with polio. To be diagnosed with the disease and then to receive a cure is what makes Thaell so passionate about helping educate parents on the importance of immunizations for children.

"We have brought together a group of people who are the experts on child immunization," Thaell says.

All week, Leon County will celebrate Infant Immunization Week in the hopes of teaching the significance of getting those vaccinations.

In Florida immunization is at about 77 percent to 78 percent for children under the age of two. We want to get it up to about 85 percent before July 2005.

Health experts say a little pain now could save children a lot of pain later. Nurses say there are about 11 necessary shots for babies.

This Saturday there will be an Ice Cream for Health Social. It goes from 1 to 3 in the afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club on Laura Lee Drive.

Call 488-2223 for more information.