FSU Law School Student Falls to Death

Police say John Barretto had been out with friends Friday night, but when his roommates went to bed, he went to the balcony. Ten hours later his body was found. It was a shocking and gruesome discovery for Andre Turner and his girlfriend.

Saturday afternoon, they returned to their apartment to find a body in the backyard.

“She just happened to look out the window, saw someone laying face down on the back porch,” says neighbor Turner.

That someone was their neighbor, 25-year-old John Barretto. Police say he and his friends had been out partying Friday night and returned home to the Castle Apartments around 3 a.m.

“From that point friends went to bed, we think it's a tragic accident he fell off the balcony to his death,” recalls Stewart Clendinen.

Neighbors below fear alcohol may have played a role. One woman says she heard the men return at 3 a.m. and complained to police about the noise.

“When there's alcohol involved someone in their right mind needs to be watching out,” comments neighbor Leslie.

Meanwhile, news of Barretto's death has spread across campus. He was a second year law student at Florida State University. With graduation a week away and finals on the mind, Barretto's death has devastated his classmates.

“From how I knew him he was a great guy-his friends and family,” comments Frank Bayuk.

Originally from Tampa, John came to Tallahassee for his undergrad, and continued through law school. In just one year he would have graduated.