FSU Students Earn Their Degrees in Three Years

A recent study shows only 33 percent of college students are graduating in four years, with many students taking five to six years to get their diploma, but this weekend, 16 FSU students will turn their tassels after only three years on campus.

In 2001 Florida State University started the Degree in Three program, a response to the growing number of incoming freshman with college credit.

Three years later, Raquel Lao is graduating with a double major. In fact, 16 students will graduate this weekend after only three years on campus, eight of them with degrees of distinction.

Students say it involved a lot of long nights and long days.

Cecilie Greene, a family and child sciences major, says, “You really have to stay on track talking with advisors, make sure you have all the classes you need.”

“These are very untraditional freshman to come to college decided and focused about what they want to do,” says FSU advisor Anne Kozar.

And at a time when enrollment is being capped, education overseers encourage early graduation.

Believe it or not, the Degree in Three program has already had two students graduate only taking two years to receive their diplomas.