Traffic Congestion in Thomasville

Thomasville residents fear they may be outgrowing the city. They say this is especially apparent when thousands of travelers congest one street each day to head to Points North.

Highway 319, called Jackson Street in Thomasville, is a major thoroughfare running from north Florida to central Georgia. Some Rose City residents call it the most dangerous road in town.

"We have a lot of accidents right here, like at this red light, mostly because people try to run it when it's yellow," says motorist Daneria Lammons.

Motorists say traffic congestion makes Jackson Street a hazard from the downtown area to its intersection with Highway 19.

"It's terrible when you get off at five and you try to get through here. It's back-to-back all the way through," says motorist Kathy Page.

City officials have discussed several ways to cut down on traffic on Highway 319, including restricting the number of large trucks that come through at certain times, but motorists say there are plenty of factors outside the vehicles themselves that contribute to the high volume of traffic.

"School traffic is pretty bad right here. I think something needs to be done about it," Mory Belle adds.

Avoiding 319 at its busiest times is difficult in this small city, so many motorists say steps must be taken to reduce traffic on this popular thoroughfare.

Thomasville City Council members have been discussing taking over the maintenance of the current state route on Jackson in order to be able to cut down on traffic.