Mobile Home Tax

Grady County officials are targeting homeowners behind on their taxes. Officials plan to get back thousands of dollars in back taxes by holding the county's first ever mobile home tax sale.

Busted out windows and returned mail is how Grady County's tax commissioner knows a mobile home has long been abandoned with about $450 worth of delinquent taxes.

Phyllis Gainous says, "The problem with mobile homes is they are easy to just pulled out of the county or set up sometimes and we don't even know they exist."

The result of hundreds of other homes like this is the accumulation of unpaid taxes. Grady County's total is in the upwards of $200,000.

Grady County tax collectors says the owner of this home at the corner of Cochran and 6th Avenue is one of the many people who has ignored years of notices of past due taxes. Now, officials are taking action.

"In the last six to eight weeks we've sent pre-levy notices out, we have sent notices to the lien holders on quite a few mobile homes and as a result now there's eleven that's going to a tax sale to be advertised," says Carole Booth, tax clerk in Grady County.

For Anthony Cochran who owns this land, this is good news.

"I'm happy they are doing something about it, they get all these junk cars on the back, it looks like a junk place," says Anthony.

Phyllis Gainous adds, "Our goal is not to sell anyone's mobile home. Our goal is to just get the taxpayers to understand that they need to be paid every year."

The county is hoping to pass a relocation ordinance, which will help keep track of mobile homes and their owners.