7 Lowndes County Sex Offenders Violate Probation Halloween Night

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Sheriff Chris Prine has released the following:

On Wednesday evening, investigators from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office and Probation Officers from the Valdosta office of the Georgia Department of Corrections performed residential verification checks of sex offenders in Lowndes County.

The teams began working around 6:00 in the evening and worked to assure that each sex offender was home and not participating in trick or treat events.

Offenders had previously been ordered not to participate in Halloween activities and be inside their home by 6:00. In all, seven {7} offenders were found to either not to be home or were participating in trick or treating. Arrest warrants have been issued for these persons for violating their probation. These offenders will soon be arrested and housed in jail until it is determined if their probation should be revoked.

The Probation Officers also verified the registered offenders who live in Echols and Brooks County.

Sheriff Prine reiterated the efforts of the department to assure the safety of the public and asked that anyone with information or questions regarding a registered sex offender contact the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office at {229} 2950 or anonymous tips can be provided at {229} 671-2985 or on-line at www.lowndessheriff.com.

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