Thomasville's Police Chief Is Sworn In

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Proudly taking the oath, Ellis Jackson is sworn in as the chief of police of the Thomasville Police Department.

"It's a sense of relief to get this part out of the way so we can get to the real business of things. Get back to work. We have been working on things prior to the swearing in," comments Jackson about the ceremony.

Born in Pavo, Georgia, Jackson is no stranger to the area. He's served on the force for more than 30 years, and on Thursday night he makes history as Thomasville's first black police chief.

"I haven't given a lot of thought to being black and being the first black police chief. I just happen to be a black man that got the position as police chief, but it is an honor."

A bit modest of his accomplishments, Jackson says he couldn't have gotten here alone.

Flora Jackson, the chief's wife, said, "He's always been a lovable guy, a likable guy, and for the community to come out and support him like that I really do admire that, and I know he does love his community."

Craig Jackson, the chief's son, added, "I'm very excited for him. He's came a long way and I'm glad he got where he's supposed to be, where he wants to be."

Coming a long way to get to this position, Chief Jackson will wear his badge with honor.