Expanding Capital Circle Southwest

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April 12

The purpose of Thursday's Town Hall meeting was to share what every body's concerns are with the widening of Capital Circle Southwest.

Organizers say the main emphasis they're stressing is that they want the public's help with this project.

Jim Davis, Executive Director of Blueprint 2000, said, "We're gonna ask these people and other members of the community, anybody that wants to come and actually draw some lines on a map where we think or they think this new corridor should go."

Helen James-Powell has lived in her home for 18 years and is concerned about the project.

She said, "Currently I'm staying on a dead dirt road. No traffic but if a road comes through it will change."

The 6.7 mile corridor project begins at the intersection of Orange Avenue and Capital Circle and goes all the way to the Crawfordville Highway.

The next community meeting is scheduled for May 10 and May 12.