Junk Cleanup in Gadsden County

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Joyce James is hoping to give her yard a facelift. She's removed several old appliances that once dominated the landscape, and she's not alone.

Residents in the Saint Hebron community are pulling out old furniture and trash all in an attempt to spruce up the place.

Joyce James said, "It needs cleanup badly. I've been living here ever since I was three years old, so I've been here 40 years, and it needs cleaning."

Aside from picking up old mattresses, car parts and even a cracked toilet, deputies are working to flush out crime.

The Sheriff's Office has been receiving complaints about drug activity and loitering around here, so the sheriff is firing back.

CAPT Mary Ivory said, "What we’re wanting to do is work together to change the perception of the neighborhood, and to do that we're looking to get them to clean up old unused furniture and unused appliances."

They are items that have become an eyesore in the community. Residents say the cleanup efforts will send a strong message to the young generation.

Ken Flowers said, "We want the younger folks to see were making improvements. I'm quite sure they'll try to follow us. At least for the next generation here, we're going to improve everything around here."

Cleaning up the Saint Hebron community is just another way the sheriff is trying to fight crime.

The Sheriff's Office formed partnerships with Public Works, Code Enforcement, and the Department of Corrections, to clean up this Saturday.