Local Teacher Suspended After Accused of Throwing Coffee on Student

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The mother of a Swift Creek Middle School student says a teacher threw coffee in her daughter's face during an argument.

"I got a phone call from the principal stating the teacher had poured coffee in my daughter's face," said Monica Williams, Latravia Thurston's mother.

Williams says her 13-year-old, Latravia Thurston, got in trouble for talking back, but says she was shocked at the way the teacher in that special ed classroom responded.

"She was asked to leave the class and the teacher said if she didn't leave the room she will throw coffee in her face, my daughter replied, "I wish you would." She grabbed the coffee and threw it in her face," said Williams.

Shirley Williams is Latravia's grandmother and said, "Initially, I thought it was very degrading. It had to be humiliating to have coffee thrown on you. To me it's like spitting in someone’s face."

The principal at Swift Creek says the coffee was a day old and did not burn Thurston.

"I was relieved when she was okay, but she was kind of degraded and embarrassed, I am sure," said Monica Williams.

Veteran teacher Wanda Foulk has been suspended and will not return to work until the school board completes an investigation.

"I am concerned for both the teacher and student. It's just an unpleasant thing to go through. We are looking forward to getting through it in the next day or two and getting back on the right track," said Allen Burch, Swift Creek's principal.

The school board is going over written statements from both parties. An assistant superintendent said they'll make a decision about the teacher's status by Monday.

It's possible Foulk could lose her job, but that is up to the school board to decide, but Thurston's mother said if Foulk returns to school, she will take her daughter out of that class.

The family is also looking into pressing charges.