Georgia Graduation Test Results

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Graduation day is quickly approaching for high school seniors, but many Georgia students will not graduate because they did not pass the Georgia Graduation Test, which was administered a few weeks ago.

It's a high stakes test. In order to graduate high school, a student must pass the Georgia Graduation Test. Thomas County Central High School had more than three hundred juniors taking the test and now the unofficial results are in.

Dr. Scott James is the Director of Research and Accountability for Thomas County Schools and said, "I'm pretty confident that we're going to be above the state average again this year as far as the number of first time test takers who passed all four sections."
Preliminary results show 76 percent passed all sections of the graduation test. Those results are up four percent compared to last years.

Steven Dupree is assistant principal at Thomas County Central.

He said, "We've done well. There's still some of our sub-groups, parts of the student population that we're going to continue to work so all of our students can succeed in graduation test."

Breaking down the test into different subjects, 98 percent of the juniors passed English, 94 percent passed math, 91 percent passed social studies, and 77 percent passed science. These test results are factored in when the state decides whether a school makes Adequate Yearly Progress.

"AYP is important because that is what parents use to measure our school against other schools. Not only in the area but across the state," added Dupree.

He also says the raw data shows scores have gone up and he hope Thomas County Central will pass AYP once again.

Thomasville City Schools had nearly 200 juniors take the test. They are still awaiting those results.