Officer Attacked by Inmate

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JEFFERSON COUNTY - A corrections officer has been hospitalized after his colleagues say he was attacked by an inmate at the Jefferson Correctional Institute.

Officers say an inmate there, Steven Gambles, attacked Officer Randall Handley in the recreation yard Thursday morning.

Investigators aren't sure why he did it, but they say he has a history of attacking law enforcement. He's been in prison the last three years on charges of assaulting police officers. Investigators are still trying to figure out why he attacked Handley.

"You look at the people who are behind bars and in prison, they're criminals and often they're violent and they're there for a reason and sometimes they act out and they take their violence out on other inmates or officers or anyone," said Robby Cunningham, spokesperson for DOC.

Officer Handley was taken to Tallahassee Memorial with serious injuries. At last word, friends told us he was still in intensive care.

Gambles was moved to a different prison. Investigators say he faces more charges.