Tax Filing Deadline: April 17th

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It's down to the homestretch for taxpayers. That means many are working overtime, making quick runs to tax agencies, the Post Office, and spending the weekend digging up those old receipts.

Deadline day ignites fear for many taxpayers.

"Everybody's afraid of the big bad IRS," said filer Peter Marvin. "For me, the worry is, man, I hope I have enough in the bank for taxes."

"There's so many people that's just so busy with so many different things, they just put that off to the last minute," said Wilonda Floyd.

However, waiting too long to pay Uncle Sam can be taxing.

"If they owe taxes and it’s over $1,000 that they owe, if they don't pay those by April 17th they will be penalized, and the longer they put off paying the taxes the more they're penalized," said H&R Block Office Manager Chris Carroll.

H&R Block in Lake Ella Plaza helps hundreds of customers in the last few days before the deadline. The longer they wait, the more wild filing gets.

"Probably the wildest would try to be to claim the dog or the cat as a deduction," say tax adviser Karen Hudson. "They say, 'you know, well, the vet bills and the food bills, that would be as much as the child.' The only answer I have for them is if you can get them a Social Security number, then we can talk."

Another sure way to be in the dog house with the IRS is claiming a dependent that you don't have. Tax advisers say last minute filers tend to write claims without reading the requirements.

Advisers say the key to a smooth filing is getting organized. Filers often forget to bring in simple things such as list of deductions, dependents' legal names, and Social Security numbers.