Leon High School Celebrates 100 Years

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Tallahassee's Leon High School is continuing it's tradition with a grand reunion for the past one hundred graduating classes.

Generation after generation walk the steps of the historical building.

A 1928 graduate says, "I recall my time at Leon, and appreciate all the teachers at Leon High".

Sally Page Hunt is a current student at Leon and says, "I am second generation, my mom was a cheerleader, my dad was a football player, so it's so great to see their friends".

In 1907 the first class of Leon Lions walk the stage, and 100 years later the rich tradition carries on.

"This is a good day to get together with friends and really honor this, how many other people have a 100th anniversary of their school, this is just really exciting for me", said Bobbie Hartsfield, graduate of 1951.

Folks tour the school as they swap stories and check out pictures.

"I remember the old wood floors, the tall ceilings, the floors are different now", said Pat Vidzes, graduate of 1967.

The lion stands strong, as it encounters familiar faces, including Cheryl Hines who stars in the HBO hit series "Curb Your Enthusiasm", she's also a 1983 graduate.

Red and white shine bright, as Leon High school spirit continues to carry on.

"It's overwhelming, I was just telling my buddy I could stay here all day, being back in the hallways, I don't think people can understand how special this place really is", Dean Inserra, a 1999 Leon Graduate.

Organizers estimate a few thousand Leon Lion graduates have come back for the festivities, and say they're really happy with the turn out.