Gas Prices on the Rise

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Folks are paying a pretty penny at the pump as gas prices climb to almost $3.00 a gallon.

With the summer season just ahead of us, consumers are hoping the prices plateau before they head out for vacation.

High gas prices are also causing Florida consumers to reevaluate their mode of transportation.

Many people say they find themselves driving around town just to find the cheapest pump.

Al Brown looks for the cheapest station and said, "I just went down Monroe looking for a cheap gas station, and I couldn't find one, they are all basically the same amount around $2.86, that's crazy; it's almost three dollars."

Emily Cruz struggles to fill her tank.

"It just keeps going up and up and up, and now I just got five dollars; that's all I can afford."

Reports show Florida’s current average gas price is 30 cents a gallon higher than a month ago, and four cents higher than a year ago.